Cautious Optimism About the Reform of Vocational Education

February 14, 2019 10:08 pm

14 February 2019

Whilst, Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) is cautiously optimistic about the Government’s proposal to improve vocational training in regional New Zealand, it is wary of possible job losses in the rural sector.

“It is encouraging to read the Government’s acknowledgement of the long-standing mismatch between the current tertiary system and workforce demand,” says RWNZ Education Portfolio Convenor, Sue Higgins.

“RWNZ strongly advocates for innovation that introduces more industry-based providers into the education sector.

“However, we are concerned that amalgamating existing ITPs into the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology could result in job losses in the provinces, and we question whether this is in the best interests of rural communities.

“In order for rural women to grow as dynamic leaders, they need the opportunity to develop their expertise and lead the strategic, financial and operational development in a vocational education system that is part of the rural economy.

“Regional influence may not equate to regional leadership in a centralised education system.

“While we applaud the Government’s vision of an education system geared towards New Zealand’s trades and industries, the effect on rural communities must be taken into account.

“We hope to see Minister Hipkins take the needs of rural communities into consideration,” says Mrs. Higgins.


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