Car for Life Education Trust

June 25, 2012 10:44 pm

Two years ago the Southland Life Education Community Trust approached our four Southland Provincials, asking for assistance to replace their educator’s car, as the current one needed major repairs.

The Provincials were pleased to help and recently presented the Trust with a much newer model, complete with the Rural Women New Zealand logo.

The money came from the proceeds of timber milling at the Dipton forest, which was planted by the RWNZ Southland Provincials in the 1950s and has recently started to make a good return from timber.

The RWNZ groups in the area have been strong supporters of the Southland Life Education Community Trust since 1989, including members serving as trustees. The Southland Life Education Trust will be celebrating its 20th anniversary at St John’s Girls School in Invercargill in May.

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