RWNZ_Increasing Sick Leave Bill_2021

  • RWNZ made a submission on the Holidays (Extending Sick Leave) Amendment Bill which took a balanced approach.



March 2018 Tax Working Group Submission:

  • This submission strongly supports the role of taxation in funding public services but only if
    contributions are fair and equitable. However, RWNZ was disappointed to see a lack of representation of the rural sector in the composition of the group.


March 2018 Submission: Sentencing (Livestock Rustling) Bill:

  • This submission urges members of the Select Committee to ensure New Zealand’s rural communities are returned to a safe, enabled, and empowered space. This legislation needs to reflect this.


August 2018 Submission of Farm Debt Mediation Bill:

  • This submission supports this bill and the need for mandatory mediation. This will allow these services to be offered to all farmer clients prior to any decisions being made.


August 2018 ACC Amendment Bill:

  • This submission asks that a rural impact assessment is carried out on the Bill, to ascertain if there are any detrimental effects to New Zealand’s rural communities. Additionally, a gender impact analysis should also be carried out.


August 2018 Submission on Consumer’s Right to Know Bill:

  • This submission supports the bill, in support of consumers making their own informed choices when purchasing food.




August 2017 Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No 2.):

  • This submission supports the amendments proposed in this bill. Paricltul, the changes to the current law that provide greater protection for landlords where tenants are responsible for careless damage. However, RWNZ recognises that the amendments insufficiently respond to the issues that the Bill seeks to address.




June 2016 Exposure Draft of the Incorporated Societies Bill:

  • RWNZ supports the introduction of updated legislation to govern incorporated societies. The current Act is outdated in many ways and is silent on a number of important governance matters. However, there a few specific comments to be made on some of the key clauses in the Bill.


June 2016 Changes to the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 and Regulations 2016:

  • This submission supports the removal of the current sunset provisions. There are some amendments, however, which RWNZ does not recommend.


July 2016 RWNZ submission on Local Government Reform Bill:

  • This submission discusses strong concerns regarding this Bill. Primarily, RWNZ is concerned that the Bill attempts to force councils into shared council-controlled organisations, with no requirement for community consultation and no guarantee of any community benefit.


July 2016 RWNZ Submission on Charities Amendment Bill:

  • RWNZ does not support the proposed amendment to section 61. We think there must be a fuller process of consultation and some explanation as to why this change is being made. We note that there has been little or no consultation to date, as this amendment has been progressed as a technical change under statutes amendment omnibus legislation.


April 2014 Building Amendment Bill:

  • This submission is in support of New Zealand Federated Farmers submission on the Building (earthquake-prone buildings) Amendment Bill to the Local Government and Environmental Select Committee.