Back to school, look out for school children

October 7, 2016 11:00 pm

After two weeks of having children at home for the term break, it is time for them to head back to school for the final term of the year. Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) remind drivers that school buses are back on the roads and that sometimes unpredictable things happen around school buses when they are stopped.

“It is very important in all communities, particularly in rural areas, that drivers adhere to the rule and slow down to 20km/h passing a stopped school bus, no matter which side of the road you are driving on,” says Wendy McGowan, National President of RWNZ.

“The roads in our rural communities are not always quiet roads and we need to be responsible for playing our part to make the roads safer for everyone who uses the roads, especially our children.”

RWNZ also advocate for parents and caregivers to teach children about road safety when they are getting on and off the bus at the gate or at the designated point on the road. Accompany children to the bus stop and ensure that they understand what to do. Let friends and neighbours know that the buses are back on the roads and to watch out for children.

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