Aftersocks Restocked

May 14, 2014 10:53 pm

In 2010, Rural Women New Zealand launched aftersocks™, a fundraising initiative to support rebuilding Christchurch. New Zealand and the world showed tremendous support through this project, raising $130,000 for the Christchurch Mayoral Fund.


Mother Nature hasn’t slowed down since then. NZ communities have faced further damaging earthquakes, drought, floods, damaging winds and even volcanoes erupting.


We think there’s a need to continue to help NZ communities after an adverse event, so we brought back a limited stock of our original aftersocks.


Rural Women National President Wendy McGowan said, “We aimed to sell 1,000 pairs in 2010-2011, but through social networking aftersocks caught people’s imaginations and sales rocketed over 15,000 pairs. It’s been an amazing project.”


There’s already been nearly 100 socks already ordered overnight. “We can’t thank NZ enough for the support shown to communities through this proejct.”


To purchase, visit our shop. Please note, international and domestic orders are posted as individual products so ensure you’ve chosen the correct one.

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