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February 9, 2017 11:00 pm

The Aftersocks™ NZ campaign is up and running for the second time, building a community of fans and followers all wearing their support for the recent quake affected areas of New Zealand.

To date over 21,000 pairs of socks have been sold to supporters worldwide since the initial launch in 2010 following the Christchurch earthquake.

RWNZ are encouraging people to buy, wear and share their support on social media by tagging @aftersocksnz to inspire others to purchase a pair of New Zealand made merino socks.

Proceeds from Aftersocks™ sales go to the RWNZ Adverse Events Relief Fund. Several grants have been distributed to individuals and groups in the areas surrounding Kaikōura, with the aim of raising community spirit. The small town of Ward, 20km north of Seddon the epicentre of the magnitude 7.8 quake, hosted a cricket match in January with assistance from the Fund. The sporting event and BBQ attracted 60 people including children, who were treated to a special visit from Mr Whippy.

The RWNZ Hurunui District are hosting a comedy evening in February, featuring “Ethel and Bethel Bingo Babes” who are guaranteed to give the community a few laughs.

RWNZ members from North Canterbury and the wider Marlborough region have also been visiting rural farmers and residents isolated by the quakes to distribute care packages.

Rachel Bartrum’s Kaikōura home and business, Lynton Downs Farm Homestay, was damaged by the quakes. The old house did a great job at staying up to let the Bartum family out safely, something Rachel says “we will be forever thankful for”. The quake exposed some relics with the falling chimney revealing several historic photos of the first Lynton Downs family.

Rachel received a visit from a “wonderful” RWNZ member post-quake with a care package, “thank you so much, this will help us on our new journey of rebuilding on the farm.”

The Adverse Events Relief Fund is available to individuals, communities and groups, with emphasis on rural women and children. Apply now, click here for more information.

Buy a pair of Aftersocks™ today, visit to purchase. Share your @aftersocksnz on social media and wear your support proudly for those affected by the November 2016 earthquakes.

Rachel Bartrum photo credit: Andrew Spencer Photography Ltd.

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