ACWW – Walk the Length of New Zealand

August 3, 2011 10:05 pm

Be part of a world-wide phenomenon and join in our ACWW Women Walk the World challenge!

Visiting South Pacific Area President, Ruth Shanks, outlined the plan for this event at National Conference 2011.

She said on ACWW Day, 29th April 2012, members throughout the world are being asked to join in ‘Women Walk the World for ACWW’. The aim of the walk is to raise the image and promote the work of ACWW as well as increase funds through sponsorship of the walkers.

“The walk could be an organised ramble, a walk around a neighbourhood, a stroll in a park or whatever you like.”

We are keen to set our own challenge as part of this event, to walk the length of New Zealand!  New Zealand is 1600 kilometres long, so if each of our seven regions arranges walks totalling 230 kilometres in length, we will be have walked the entire length of the country.

This could be a great way to encourage health and fitness and have lots of fun along the way, as well as promoting our organisation and ACWW. 

Make sure you let national office know your plans and we’ll help with publicity for your events.

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