A Good Baking Day

January 22, 2014 10:52 pm

Take a sneak preview of our fabulous new cooking, A Good Baking Day!


Available from 3 March 2014 in our website shop and in book stores from 7 March.


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Yes, Rural Women NZ members know all about a good day’s baking! And now we’ve pooled our very best recipes to produce another fantastic book with Random House.


For generations, we’ve kept family and friends supplied with delicious sweet treats as we share the day’s news, work, challenges and triumphs.


Home baking is enjoying a come-back in urban homes as families look to save on the grocery bills, rediscovering the delights of filling the kitchen with the warm, heady aroma of fresh baking straight from the oven.


Over the past few years, our members have shared their favourite recipes in affordable cookbooks that are infused with love, warmth and the generosity of the heartland spirit.


A Good Baking Day is a treasure-trove of over 500 never-fail recipes for cakes, muffins, slices, biscuits, loaves, scones, breads, desserts and more.


Ranging from special-occasion cakes to fill-the-tins reliables, some recipes are old family favourites, handed down through the generations, while others reflect modern trends in food fashion and dietary needs with sugar, dairy- and gluten-free variations.


You’re guaranteed to find something to get you cracking eggs and creaming butter and sugar – to the delight of family and friends.


A Good Baking Day is another indispensable, cheerful and trusty book to add to your Rural Women New Zealand recipe collection. It’s a companion volume to A Good Spread – Recipes from the kitchens of Rural Women New Zealand, and A Good Harvest – Recipes from the gardens of Rural Women New Zealand.


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