90 for 90 Challenge

February 25, 2015 10:55 pm

To celebrate the 90th anniversary in 2015 of the founding of Rural Women New Zealand we are launching the 90 for 90 Challenge to our members.

The aim of the 90 for 90 Challenge is for ninety Rural Women New Zealand groups or members to make 90 donations during 2015, in recognition of the 90 years we have been working for rural communities.

This may be $90 charitable donations to a cause or a person, preferably with a rural aspect, or 90 handcrafted items donated to a relevant organisation.



90 for 90 Flyer – further information about this project

90 for 90 Information Sheet – to accompany all donations

90 for 90 Donation Form – single (for monetary donations)

90 for 90 Donation Form – double (for monetary donations)

Detailed history of our organisation (printable format)

Detailed history of our organisation (low resolution – suitable for dial up connections)

Highlights of our activities over the last 90 years:

1927 – WD Emergency Housekeeper and bush nurse schemes set up
1927-present – advocating for fair travel reimbursement for homecare workers
Early campaigns for better transport, boarding allowances, water reticulation and phone services
1939-45 – Support for soldiers at war – from spinning and knitting to fundraising for a Spitfire!
1930s – Establishment of the Dipton forest with logging proceeds distributed for charitable purposes in Southland.
Rest Homes set up to give women a break away from the toil of farm work
1970s and 1980s – Fundraising for Leptospirosis research by Massey University
Rest Homes sold and proceeds used to fund educational and other bursaries
Leadership training through Wellington Experience and Growing Dynamic Leaders
2006 – Leptospirosis fundraising re-established
2007 onwards – Speed Past School Buses advocacy
2009  – Let’s Get Plastered for Breast Cancer – fundraising and awareness campaign
2009 onwards – Enterprising Rural Women Awards
Annual Garden Grants for rural schools – run in partnership with Farmlands
Publication of three cookbooks with Random House containing members’ recipes
Advocacy for better broadband and mobile coverage for rural
2011 – Aftersocks fundraiser following Canterbury earthquakes
2011 – Postman Pat on the Back Awards
2012 – Y Front Up to Prostate Cancer – fundraising and awareness campaign
2014 – Leading celebrations for the International Year of Family Farming

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