2015 Brides and Bridesmaids of the Year Chosen

April 17, 2015 10:55 pm

On 23rd March 2015, Central Southland Provincial Rural Women held the 33rd Annual Bride of the Year in the Winton Memorial Hall.

There was a total attendance of 290 this year, including 28 brides and 10 bridesmaids competing for the winning honours. It was a hugely successful night filled with gorgeous gowns, lots of lace, tulle and even cowgirl boots.

This year’s winning Brides are:

1st Annabelle Herbert nee: Harris
2nd Sonya Sanders nee: Stewart
3rd Katrina Kingsford-Smith nee: Hazlett

And the top Bridesmaids are:

1st Aimee Ross
2nd Janelle Ashley
3rd Nadine Duff

Photos provided by event sponsor Megan Graham photography


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